Zamasu Phone Wallpaper

Zamasu Phone Wallpaper for mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer and other devices HD and 4K wallpapers.

Zamasu Phone Wallpaper 1

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Zamasu Phone Wallpaper

Zamasu is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. During the Space Time Tournament, Zamasu is summoned by Goku Black to act as his ally, the two decide to use the Space Void Rift for their own purposes to destroy mortals. Forced to fight Tekka’s team and Future Trunks, Zamasu and Goku Black unite in Fused Zamasu. Fused Zamasu usually just referred to as Zamasu , is a Potara fusion born of the union between Goku Black and Future Zamasu.

Alias: Goku Black, Black Goku, Present Zamasu,  Future Zamasu, Fusion Zamasu, Merged Zamasu, Fused Zamasu, Infinite Zamasu.

Ultra HD Zamasu wallpapers for iPhone, Android and Desktop.

Zamasu Wallpapers

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